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Spoken Arabic Kochi
Hussaain Moulavi Badri
Speak Arabic Fluently & Confidently to change your life
One of the Most widely Spoken Language 422 Million people speak Arabic
Official language of 30 countries Taught in every country in the world
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صباح الخير SabaaH al-khayr
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Learning to communicate in good Arabic is highly rewarding


Hussain Badri’s Arabic academy offers courses which are designed to optimize your progress and provide the language skills needed to communicate effectively in Arabic. Our institute is conveniently located in the heart of Kochi and the class schedule is planned in a way to facilitate the schedule of students of different profile. Our program provides introductory and intermediate level students with a rigorous complete immersion language experience in an Arabic environment, integrating the acquisition of listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills at an accelerated pace.

Our friendly class environment is geared towards total immersion in the language, cognizant of nuanced individual learning trends and requirements. Furthermore our courses are reasonably priced and designed to make you progress at a good pace through our learning structure and methodology.

Usthad Hussain Badri's Arabic Academy near Kaloor is such a favourite destination for many students, the academy also provides guidance for Arabic Translation as well as Arabic Typing Services.

Special training for mua'llim,mutha'allim and mudarris people in Arabic-English translation works
Those who have studied in Daras and Arabic Colleges will be trained in English and professional Arabic through a special method in our institution. We are enabling them to work as translators at home and abroad. We use the traditional Arabic Grammatical Terms familiar to Mu'allim, Muta'allim, and Mudarris personalities as a gateway to the English language world. We transform the Arabic language knowledge they have acquired through the study of religious texts in Daras and Arabic Colleges into a manner suitable for secretarial and translation works. Also, English is taught to them using Arabic morphology as a facilitator to the English to make them eligible for higher jobs.



We organize special academic programs for aspirants of Arabic language and literature courses. We provide excellent coaching in secretarial Arabic-English translation and Arabic typing, we offer placement for those who complete the training.


We carry out typing jobs and assignments in Arabic, English, Hindi and Malayalam. We also provide training for Arabic DTP. We do interpretation for Medical Tourism and guiding Arabic Tourists


We assist all medical professionals who aspire to work in the Middle East for the successful completion of their license tests. We are Specialized in MOH Arabic Test Coaching for pharmacists of UAE as well


We carry out translation of all materials from Arabic to English and vice-versa, such as Websites, Company Profiles, Business Documents, Certificates, Middle East related Travel documents, Pamphlets, Brochures, Legal certificates etc.


Hussain Badri is one of the rare personalities, who promote pluralism in a multi cultural and multi religious nation like India since 1989. He proved to be the secular face of a language where the monopoly of religious scholars reign for centuries. There is a notion in our country that Arabic is the language of Islam and so there maintained a deliberate ignorance towards the language. Instead, English was given a great preference. In fact, Arabic being an Asian language is closer to our culture than the language of invaders. It is the language of millions of non-Muslims live in the Middle East Asia and Africa. So, there is no point in sidelining it as a religious language. As a regional language, learning Arabic has a lot of advantages because the Middle East plays a critical role in developing the current economy of the world.

With his liberal heart and secular mind Hussain Badri could take the Arabic language profile to another level in Kerala. He had trained a lot of personalities such as doctors, engineers, mariners, advocates and other professionals to achieve an exceptional knowledge in Arabic language. He played a vital role in making people understand that Arabic has a significant role in the developmental activities of the modern world. National Integration and unity of the humanity could be achieved to a greater extend by learning Arabic language.

Hussain Badri is one of the rare personalities, who promote pluralism in a multi cultural and multi religious nation like India since 1989.

Secular madrasa is a place where you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge. We ensure you to live a successful career and life in the future. Diligent set of students from various groups, sects, castes and religions is the strength of secular madrasa since its beginning in 1989. Secular madrasa is a place where religion plays no role, where knowledge gains its relevance. We assign trainers from all the communities to teach Arabic language. Status, role and age do not create any barrier for our students to step forward in learning Arabic language. Read more..

Hussain Badri’s Arabic Academy Since 1989
18 Years Teaching 56 Active Members 243 Students
Kochi Shopping - Spoken Arabic Kochi
Facilities for Middle East Lovers

Can’t Resist the desire to have a hot Shawarma in Kochi ? Does a spicy Majboos call your attention on a hungry Noon ? Now Kochi is Blessed with numerous Arabic Restaurants and Arabic Hotels that provide you with your favourite Arabic Cuisines and Arabic Delicacies. Such Hotels also let the guests Enjoy Arabic Songs and Arabic Dance performances.

The city also has been a favourite destination for Arabic Medicine for Patients and also for Arabic fragrances and Arabic perfumes. The city has centers that help you to get Arabic Language Teaching and Arabic Classes.

Usthad Hussain Badri's Arabic Academy near Kaloor is such a favourite destination for many students, the academy also provides guidance for Arabic Translation as well as Arabic Typing Services.


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Secular Madrasa is a concept envisaged to understand and to promote the ideals of every religion in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect. Our primary aim is to promote an attitude among people "to live and let others live" peacefully across the world. Here religion plays no role, where knowledge gains its relevance.
Janakeeya English Club is a platform for English learners to execute their knowledge in English and practise speaking. The club trains job aspirants, students and professionals. Knowing English language is a pre-requisite for such global competition and we help our members to overcome their dilemma in speaking English.
We serve you a reliable source of information on the quality of medical affordable options in Kerala, especially in the city of Kochi, before you open the diverse fields in the Premier therapy and alternative medicine both of them and we mean to promote the health and availability of high-quality medical services to the general public.
Hussain Badri’s Arabic academy is a center dedicated to provide quality Arabic lessons in a beautiful and conducive setting, using a communicative curriculum along with modern technology We facilitate the needs of individual students to help them feel capable, confident, and independent.
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