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About Ustad

Hussain Badri, The founder and Senior Instructor at Hussain Badri’s Arabic Academy is an Arabic language graduate from Jamiya Badriya Arabic College near Muvattupuzha. Usthad qualified his MAB degree (Moulavi Alim Badri) in the first batch of this well known Institute in 1986 with one of the top ranks. Under the efficient guidance of Sheikhuna K.M.Fareedudheen Moulavi, Usthad learnt different aspects of Arabic language along with Quran, Hadees and Fiqh. With his long stay of seven years in the institute, Hussain Usthad could become an expert in Arabic literature, contemporary Arabic usage, Arabic speech and Arabic creative writing. Usthad is gifted with a literary perspective since his college days itself and he could write several articles and other creative works about social, political, religious and other relevant subjects.

Usthad began a Muallim’s career just after the completion of his MAB in 1986 at a famous mosque and Madarassa in the central Kerala, where he pursued the profile of a Kathib and Imam as well. He became an asset for numerous students across Kerala even before he started Arabic Academy in the heart of Kochi. Usthad’s visits in Oman and Saudi Arabia gave him a wide range of exposure to his language and he could understand the essence of Islamic culture from the land of Arabs themselves.

Hussain Badri is one of the rare personalities, who promote pluralism in a multi cultural and multi religious nation like India since 1989.

His stay in the Middle East made him recognize the difference in the various vernaculars in Arabic language. Those days provided him an expertise in other languages such as English, Hindi and Urdu to make him a multi linguist. Being the author of two famous books in Malayalam namely ‘matha sankadanakal enna bidugath’ and ‘Muslingalk Islam pore?’ he also has wrote a few Arabic poems and creative articles in Arabic language.

Being a scholar with abundant knowledge in both Arabic language and literature Usthad delivers high quality training for all the language aspirants in the academy. His teaching style is formed more of a friend than of a teacher. Usthad makes it a point to include all aspects of life such as politics, religion, social and domestic realms while giving Arabic lessons. He has adopted a teaching style in which a student can learn both spoken as well as literary Arabic simultaneously. With his unique style of language teaching, he enables students to deal with routine Arabic for communication along with classical Arabic to understand Quran. Unlike many other teachers across the world, Usthad is a man who dedicated his entire life to transform Arabic language from a passive to active form. The skill of communication in Arabic language is not imparted on Usthad on a fine day; instead it is a slow growth that is developed with a strong foundation laid with accurate Arabic grammar.

During his college days, he performed visible skills in communication by conversing with affluent foreign visitors including political leaders and rulers of Arab nations. One of the most significant leaders among them was Assayyid yousuf hashim arriffayi, the then waqf minister of Kuwait. Many other such leaders appreciated Usthad for his ability and faculty in Arabic language and literature. With his diversified profile, Usthad proved that only a good student can become a good teacher and scholar. Unlike many other teachers across the world, Usthad is a man who dedicated his entire life to transform Arabic language from a passive to active form.


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